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mdBrand is a wholly owned Subsidiary of Ultrabrand Ltd.


Web Design Policies

General Web Design Policy

By authorizing and submitting their initial Web Design payment to Ultrabrand Ltd., the Client agrees to the following Web Design policies and will follow them unless otherwise decided upon and discussed with Ultrabrand prior to the initial payment. For policy amendments, please view our Web Design Amendment Policy for more information.

Refund Policy

No refund will be granted after 7 days post-project commencement. Project will commence upon processing payment. If a project is cancelled within 7 days of payment, a US$1,000 cancellation fee will be applied if a concept has been produced and delivered to the client. A “concept†is classified as a single webpage/dummy page designed to provide style and layout cues for the remainder of the project.

Payment Policy

All payments will be provided in full prior to project commencement. Payment must be provided via credit card, processed through our payment gateway, or in special circumstances by PayPal. Couriered checks must be sent via UPS or FedEx with a tracking number.

Minimum Spend Policy

The minimum project spend for 2018 is US$8,500.

Warranty Policy

Every project is protected by one-year structural warranty. For one year, post-launch, the site will be indemnified for any code-related issues that prevent the website from displaying or functioning as originally intended upon launch of the site. This warranty is subject to our Access Policy.

Access Policy

We offer several options for continued project maintenance, including same-day maintenance or monthly/hourly retainer packages. However, in the event that either the customer or a third party accesses the back-end of the website for any reason, our warranty will be voided and Ultrabrand Ltd. will not assume responsibility for any issues related to changes made by a third party, or the customer themselves.

Extended Stay Policy

We take pride in working diligently on our projects and having them completed in a timely manner. A substantial amount of our ability to do this relies on consistent interaction and feedback from our clients. We understand that our clients are busy professionals and may need time to focus on their business and brand. However, projects that are artificially extended because of client delays have ramifications on our business process. If after 90 days and consistent reminders from our team there has been no significant progress on the project, a monthly charge of US$275 will be applied going forward to cover costs of rescheduling and the continued hosting strain on our servers. The charge total must be paid in full before the project is launched. Payment must follow the same process found in our Payment Policy.

Statement of Non-Disclosure

We protect the privacy of all of our customers. In some cases, we may use our clients’ names, likenesses or publicly-available projects to promote our services, display our portfolio of clientele, or to disclose relationships in case of any legal requirement (including our accounting functions).

Statement of Design Authority

While our projects are owned by our clients once they have been launched, we reserve the right to include our branding, as well as a hyperlink to our website, in the copyright footer of this project post-launch unless an alternative agreement is arranged between Ultrabrand and the client (fee will apply).

Statement of Partner Agreements

In some cases where appropriate, we may recommend the use of third-party services with whom we have Partner Agreements based on revenue sharing. In such cases, Ultrabrand Ltd. may benefit financially from your use of these services. Partner agreements are an industry standard practice and are common-place incentive programs.

Web Design Amendment Policy

Policies may be amended in circumstances where current policies are unfit or by special request by the client. Policy amendment must be discussed and agreed upon in writing between the Ultrabrand Ltd. and the Client. Policy amendment may occur at any time during the business relationship and will take effect after both Ultrabrand and the Client verbally agree and consent to the changes.


SEO Policies

General SEO Policy

By authorizing and submitting their initial SEO payment to Ultrabrand Ltd., the Client agrees to the following SEO policies and will follow them unless otherwise decided upon and discussed with Ultrabrand prior to the initial payment. For policy amendments, please view our SEO Amendment Policy for more information.

Billing Policy

SEO payments must be paid for on the same date every month. This date of payment (or date of “renewalâ€) is specific to the client, and is agreed upon by both the client and Ultrabrand. In the event your renewal date falls on a number that is excluded from the current month (i.e. the 31st), your payment will processed on the closest day preceding your regular date of renewal.

Payment Policy

Payment must be provided via credit card and processed through our automated billing gateway.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel SEO services, clients must provide written notice to Ultrabrand Ltd. at least one full month in advance.

SEO Amendment Policy

Policies may be amended in circumstances where current policies are unfit or by special request by the client. Policy amendment must be discussed and agreed upon in writing between the Ultrabrand Ltd. and the Client. Policy amendment may occur at any time during the business relationship and will take effect after both Ultrabrand and the Client verbally agree and consent to the changes.

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